Shouldn’t Credit be Given???

Posted in avatar, fashion, Second Life™ on January 20, 2010 by slave jen

I love haute couture, so much in fact that I own a few pieces in RL. Primarily Alexander McQueen.

Imagine how disappointed I was when I visited a store in SL whose designer is known for wonderful creations.

The entire 2009 FALL Alexander McQueen collection has been recreated, even down to the shoes. Since it is not an exact copy, does that still make it acceptable to not even credit the ORIGINAL CREATOR of the works?

I won’t post pictures of the store so as not to impact sales of the items. I wonder what Mr. McQueen will say when he sees these creations?



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I am sorry…very sorry to see you go.

This was the announcement made today:

“Dear customers, with much sadness I announce today that the brand Beauty Avatar ceases to exists.
Some of the products are likely to be available under another name and a different team. There isn’t a date yet.
We close now the group and the sims and will begin in the coming days to eject members.

Thanks everyone for all you have done.

Omnia Oh”

Missing those now gone

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There are times that a spirit enters your life and leaves such a deep impression that never fades.

Know that we miss you Nux.

Yes… Finally.

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Figured it was about time everyone gets to see the real person behind the avatar.Its meeeee......!!

Might want to read this information regarding the Emerald Viewer…..

Posted in avatar, Second Life™ on October 26, 2009 by slave jen

This taken from the Modular Systems website:

“A semi serious bug in the experimental breast physics has been identified that can cause you to permanently lose your body shapes!

If you edit appearance while the feature has been enabled, or is enabled, there is a rare chance that your shape will become permanently broken and missing from database.

Changing shapes while it is enabled, or has been enabled during that session, has also been reported to cause them to go missing from the database.

The other reported problem is that if you click cancel or don’t save during edit appearance you will be unable to wear that shape again until you log in again.

We are investigating the cause of this and hope to soon have a fix.  We also encourage people to make backups of the shape they are currently wearing before trying to switch or edit.

EDIT: I’d like to point out that this does not always happen, and actually is semi-rare. We have just gotten enough reports of it happening that we feel it warrented a warning so people are aware that it is an issue that can arise. It only breaks a single copy of the shape, not all instances, and making a copy of the item in your inventory is enough to keep a backup.”

Just sayin for those of you who might care.

Lelutka Jade Skins

Posted in avatar, fashion, Second Life™ on October 15, 2009 by slave jen

LeLutka Skin

RUN! DO NOT WALK to Lelutka for what are the most breathtaking, gorgeous (insert your favorite positive adjective here) I have ever laid eyes on.
Until now, I have not worn Lelutka, they looked off and odd on SunShine. With these skins, all of that has changed.

Skin shown: Lelutka Jade Dark 5

Happy 3rd RezDay to SunShine!!

Posted in avatar, Second Life™ on February 9, 2009 by slave jen

Happy 3rd RezDay to SunShine!!

I am constantly amazed, gladdened, saddened and generally at a loss for words when I hear how long some of my friends have been inworld.

We have seen so many changes, some good, some not so good–but we still have happiness every time we enter that password and login.

To all the thousands of avatars I have met thus far in SL, Thank you. You are a part of a memory that continues.